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Excel XP
General structure
Entering data
Printing data
Editing worksheets
Formating worksheets
Selecting worksheets
Selecting columns
Selecting ranges of cells
Selecting rows
Entering text
Entering numbers
Entering functions
Entering formulas
Printing portrait and landscape worksheets
Printing worksheets
Printing ranges

Replacing cell contents
Editing cell contents
Undoing the last command
Inserting rows
Inserting columns
Deleting rows
Deleting columns
Deleting cells
Deleting worksheets
Changing column width
Automatic column width
Changing row height
Automatic row height
Freezing column and row titles
Unfreezing column and row titles
Aligning ranges horizontally
Aligning ranges vertically
Changing cell entry orientation
Centering across columns
Changing font sizes
Changing boldface and italics
Changing cell borders