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Word XP
Managing files
General structure
Editing text
Printing documents
Finding and replacing
Spelling and grammar
Formatting text
Formatting paragraphs
Breaks and margins
Creating tables
Editing tables
Formatting tables
Launching Word
Saving documents for the first time using the Menu bar
Saving updated files using the Standard toolbar
Opening existing documents
Creating new documents using the Menu bar
Closing files
Exiting Word
Adding or removing toolbars
Adding or removing Rulers
Changing to Print Layout View
Undoing changes using the Standard toolbar
Typing over existing text using the OVR button
Deleting text using the Menu bar
Moving text using the Menu bar
Copying text using the Standard toolbar
Inserting fields
Inserting special symbols and foreign characters

Using the Print Preview function
Changing the page orientation
Printing entire documents using the Menu bar
Finding text
Replacing text
Checking grammar
Checking spelling
Checking spelling and grammar using the Menu bar
Setting grammar checker options
Using the Thesaurus
Changing fonts using the Menu bar
Changing font sizes using the Formatting toolbar
Changing boldface and italic attributes of text
Underlining text using the Menu bar
Changing text colour using the Menu bar
Adding the strikethrough text attribute
Changing the Outline font effects
Copying the format attributes of text
Highlighting text
Highlighting non-contiguous text
Changing highlight colours
Removing highlights
Changing paragraph indents using the Menu bar
Creating first line indents and hanging indents
Aligning text using the Formatting toolbar
Changing line spacing
Adding borders to text using the Menu bar
Adding page borders
Adding custom page borders
Adding shading to text
Inserting page breaks
Deleting page breaks
Inserting tables using the Menu bar
Displaying gridlines
Hiding gridlines
Inserting text in tables
Changing width of columns in tables
Inserting rows using the Menu bar
Inserting rows using the Standard toolbar
Adding rows
Adding columns
Deleting rows
Deleting columns
Deleting cell contents
Deleting tables
Cell borders
Shading cells in a table