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PowerPoint XP
Managing files
General structure
Editing text
Printing presentations
Editing presentations
Formatting text
Creating tables
Editing tables
Formatting tables
Creating charts
Formatting charts
Clip art and drawings
Manipulating objects
Formatting objects
Object animation
Slide shows
Creating blank presentations
Creating presentations based on templates
Closing files
Creating a slide master
Viewing several slides
Viewing the current slides
Using the Zoom function
Switching to normal view
Adding slide titles
Adding bulleted text
Adding floating text
Printing entire presentations
Printing slide ranges
Printing the current slide
Printing note slides
Printingn handouts
Inserting columns

Inserting slides using the menu bar
Changing slide layouts
Moving slides
Deleting slides
Changing fonts using the menu bar
Changing font size using the menu bar
Changing font colour using the menu bar
Changing bullets
Inserting tables
Inserting text in tables
Inserting columns
Deleting columnes
Deleting rows
Appending rows
Deleting cell contents
Deleting tables
Aligning cell contents
Changing border styles
Changing individual borders
Adding shading to tables
Creating charts
Editing chart data
Including and excluding chart data series
Adding titles to charts
Inserting and positioning legends in charts
Deleting legends in charts
Adding a category axis title to charts
Adding a value axis title to charts
Aligning cell contents
Changing border styles
Changing data series colours and patterns
Changing font attributes sizes and colours
Changing border lines
Adding patters and colours
Insert clip art
Adding rectangles and squares to presentations
Drawing straight lines
Adding block arrows to presentations
Adding ellipses and circles to presentations
Moving objects
Moving objects using the Standard toolbar
Sizing objects
Deleting objects
Grouping objects
Ungrouping objects
Flipping objects
Aligning objects
Changing border line attributes
Adding arrow heads to lines and polylines
Adding colour to drawings
Adding patterns to drawings
Adding shadows to drawings
Adding colour to shadowed drawings
Adding shades to drawings
Adding shades to patterns
Colouring drawings
Shading drawings
Animating objects and text
Ordering animated objects and text
Playing slide shows
Continuous slide shows
Interrupting slide shows
Slide transition effects
Timing slides
Navigating through slide shows