Classroom Workbooks
Align Media's classroom workbooks are the answer to your classroom training needs. Our classroom workbooks are used by instructors in corporate training departments, colleges and training companies to train end–users in all major computer applications. Developed by specialists with extensive experience in training, instructors and students alike find them very clear, well organized, comprehensive and professionally laid–out.
When first published, our workbooks on Microsoft applications were used to train Microsoft's own employees on Office applications. Similarly, those on Corel applications were licensed by Corel Corporation to train Corel employees and Corel corporate customers. And, finally, our Adobe FrameMaker workbooks were used to train, again, Adobe employees in FrameMaker.
Align Media classroom workbooks have been designed by experts in training and education. To meet your training needs, workbooks are available at the introductory, intermediate and advanced levels.
They are organized into modular chapters and these, in turn, into short sections. Chapter sections feature step–by–step instructions to complete tasks, clear explanations in plain language, and images to illustrate the topics covered.
Chapters sections progress from simple topics to more complex ones, but are designed in such a way so that, in most cases, a chapter can be treated as a self–contained learning lesson. Each chapter section, in turn, can too be treated as an independent learning object. This modularity allows for great flexibility at the time of teaching a course, permitting instructors and learners to adopt a non–linear path if so desired. For people unsure about the order in which they should teach or learn, the order presented in the workbook is the otherwise recommended learning path.
In addition, classroom workbooks have review exercises at the end of each chapter and, where applicable, come accompanied by sample files on disk to complete the exercises.
Their layout includes a detailed table of contents and a comprehensive index for easy reference. They open flat on the desk and feature wide margins for convenient note–taking.
For those who wish to pursue certification, our workbooks help people prepare for the exams required by the following certification programs:
Align Media workbooks are digitally printed on demand on quality paper. They are protected with durable cover stock and are bound using coated coil binding. For further protection, they are shipped to you shrink–wrapped and packaged.
In the case of volume orders, workbooks can be customized with your organization’s logo on the cover at no additional cost.
To order one or multiple copies of our classroom workbooks, or if you have any questions, please contact one of our representatives at:
Product# Workbook title Price (1–9 copies)
Personal computers
PC00010 Introduction to PCs US$12.95/C$16.95
Windows XP
WIXP010 Introductory Windows XP US$12.95/C$16.95
WIXP030 Advanced Windows XP US$12.95/C$16.95
WIXP050 Becoming Expert in Windows XP (includes Intro+Adv) US$19.95/C$29.95
Windows 2000 Professional
PR00010 Introductory Windows 2000 Professional US$12.95/C$16.95
PR00030 Advanced Windows 2000 Professional US$12.95/C$16.95
PR00050 Becoming Expert in Windows 2000 Professional (includes Intro+Adv) US$19.95/C$29.95
Windows NT 4.0 Workstation
NT40010 Introductory Windows NT Workstation 4.0 US$12.95/C$16.95
NT40030 Advanced Windows NT Workstation 4.0 US$12.95/C$16.95
NT40050 Becoming Expert in Windows NT Workstation 4.0 (includes Intro+Adv) US$19.95/C$29.95
Windows 98
WI98010 Introductory Windows 98 US$12.95/C$16.95
WI98030 Advanced Windows 98 US$12.95/C$16.95
WI98050 Becoming Expert in Windows 98 (includes Intro+Adv) US$19.95/C$29.95
NETX010 Exploring the Internet US$12.95/C$16.95
Outlook XP
OLXP050 Becoming Expert in Outlook XP US$19.95/C$29.95
Outlook 2000
OL00050 Becoming Expert in Outlook 2000 US$19.95/C$29.95
Outlook 98
OL98050 Becoming Expert in Outlook 98 US$19.95/C$29.95
Word XP
WDXP010 Introductory Word XP US$12.95/C$16.95
WDXP020 Intermediate Word XP US$12.95/C$16.95
WDXP030 Advanced Word XP US$12.95/C$16.95
WDXP040 Becoming Proficient in Word XP (includes Intro+Inter) US$19.95/C$29.95
WDXP050 Becoming Expert in Word XP (includes Intro+Inter+Adv) US$26.95/C$39.95
Word 2000
WD00010 Introductory Word 2000 US$12.95/C$16.95
WD00020 Intermediate Word 2000 US$12.95/C$16.95
WD00030 Advanced Word 2000 US$12.95/C$16.95
WD00040 Becoming Specialist in Word 2000 (includes Intro+Inter) US$19.95/C$29.95
WD00050 Becoming Expert in Word 2000 (includes Intro+Inter+Adv) US$26.95/C$39.95
Excel XP
EXXP010 Introductory Excel XP US$12.95/C$16.95
EXXP020 Intermediate Excel XP US$12.95/C$16.95
EXXP030 Advanced Excel XP US$12.95/C$16.95
EXXP040 Becoming Proficient in Excel XP (includes Intro+Inter) US$19.95/C$29.95
EXXP050 Becoming Expert in Excel XP (includes Intro+Inter+Adv) US$26.95/C$39.95
Excel 2000
EX00010 Introductory Excel 2000 US$12.95/C$16.95
EX00020 Intermediate Excel 2000 US$12.95/C$16.95
EX00030 Advanced Excel 2000 US$12.95/C$16.95
EX00040 Becoming Specialist in Excel 2000 (includes Intro+Inter) US$19.95/C$29.95
EX00050 Becoming Expert in Excel 2000 (includes Intro+Inter+Adv) US$26.95/C$39.95
PowerPoint XP
PPXP010 Introductory PowerPoint XP US$12.95/C$16.95
PPXP030 Advanced PowerPoint XP US$12.95/C$16.95
PPXP040 Becoming Expert in PowerPoint XP (includes Intro+Adv) US$19.95/C$29.95
PowerPoint 2000
PP00010 Introductory PowerPoint 2000 US$12.95/C$16.95
PP00030 Advanced PowerPoint 2000 US$12.95/C$16.95
PP00050 Becoming Expert in PowerPoint 2000 (includes Intro+Adv) US$19.95/C$29.95
Access XP
ACXP010 Introductory Access XP US$12.95/C$16.95
ACXP020 Intermediate Access XP US$12.95/C$16.95
ACXP030 Advanced Access XP US$12.95/C$16.95
ACXP040 Becoming Proficient in Access XP (includes Intro+Inter) US$19.95/C$29.95
ACXP050 Becoming Expert in Access XP (includes Intro+Inter+Adv) US$26.95/C$39.95
Access 2000
AC00010 Introductory Access 2000 US$12.95/C$16.95
AC00020 Intermediate Access 2000 US$12.95/C$16.95
AC00030 Advanced Access 2000 US$12.95/C$16.95
AC00040 Becoming Specialist in Access 2000 (includes Intro+Inter) US$19.95/C$29.95
AC00050 Becoming Expert in Access 2000 (includes Intro+Inter+Adv) US$26.95/C$39.95
Project 2000
PR00010 Introductory Project 2000 US$12.95/C$16.95
PR00020 Intermediate Project 2000 US$12.95/C$16.95
PR00030 Advanced Project 2000 US$12.95/C$16.95
PR00040 Becoming Specialist in Project 2000 (includes Intro+Inter) US$19.95/C$29.95
PR00050 Becoming Expert in Project 2000 (includes Intro+Inter+Adv) US$26.95/C$39.95
FrontPage 2000
FP00010 Introductory FrontPage 2000 US$12.95/C$16.95
FP00020 Intermediate FrontPage 2000 US$12.95/C$16.95
FP00030 Advanced FrontPage 2000 US$12.95/C$16.95
FP00040 Becoming Specialist in FrontPage 2000 (includes Intro+Inter) US$19.95/C$29.95
FP00050 Becoming Expert in FrontPage 2000 (includes Intro+Inter+Adv) US$26.95/C$39.95
FrontPage 98
FP98010 Introductory FrontPage 98 US$12.95/C$16.95
Lotus 1-2-3 9 Millennium
LO90010 Introductory Lotus 1-2-3 9 Millennium US$12.95/C$16.95
LO90020 Intermediate Lotus 1-2-3 9 Millennium US$12.95/C$16.95
LO90030 Advanced Lotus 1-2-3 9 Millennium US$12.95/C$16.95
LO90040 Becoming Proficient in Lotus 1-2-3 Millennium (includes Intro+Inter) US$19.95/C$29.95
LO90050 Becoming Expert in Lotus 1-2-3 Millennium (includes Intro+Inter+Adv) US$26.95/C$39.95
WordPerfect 9
WP90010 Introductory WordPerfect 9 US$12.95/C$16.95
WP90020 Intermediate WordPerfect 9 US$12.95/C$16.95
WP90030 Advanced WordPerfect 9 US$12.95/C$16.95
WP90040 Becoming Proficient in WordPerfect 9 (includes Intro+Inter) US$19.95/C$29.95
WP90050 Becoming Expert in WordPerfect 9 (includes Intro+Inter+Adv) US$26.95/C$39.95
WordPerfect 8
WP80010 Introductory WordPerfect 8 US$12.95/C$16.95
WP80020 Intermediate WordPerfect 8 US$12.95/C$16.95
WP80030 Advanced WordPerfect 8 US$12.95/C$16.95
WP80040 Becoming Proficient in WordPerfect 8 (includes Intro+Inter) US$19.95/C$29.95
WP80050 Becoming Expert in WordPerfect 8 (includes Intro+Inter+Adv) US$26.95/C$39.95
Corel Presentations 9
CP90010 Introductory Corel Presentations 9 US$12.95/C$16.95
Quattro Pro 9
QP90010 Introductory Quattro Pro 9 US$12.95/C$16.95
QP90020 Intermediate Quattro Pro 9 US$12.95/C$16.95
QP90020 Advanced Quattro Pro 9 US$12.95/C$16.95
QP90040 Becoming Proficient in Quattro Pro 9 (Includes Intro+Inter) US$19.95/C$29.95
QP90050 Becoming Expert in Quattro Pro 9 (includes Intro+Inter+Adv) US$26.95/C$39.95
FrameMaker 5.5 for Windows/Macintosh/Unix
FM55010 Introductory FrameMaker 5.5 US$23.95/C$34.95
FM55020 Intermediate FrameMaker 5.5 US$16.95/C$24.95
FM55030 Advanced FrameMaker 5.5 US$16.95/C$24.95
FM55045 Creating Online Documents with FrameMaker 5.5 US$16.95/C$24.95
FM55050 Becoming Expert in FrameMaker 5.5 (includes Intro+Inter+Onl+Adv) US$39.95/C$59.95
FM55060 Authoring FrameMaker+SGML 5.5 Documents US$12.95/C$16.95
The price of classroom workbooks is as indicated in the list of available titles. Discounts apply for orders of 10 or more copies.

Shipping and handling For orders outside continental US/Canada, and for international locations, shipping charges are based on current courier rates. Orders received after 3:00 PM EST will be processed the next business day. Please contact one of our representatives to place your order:
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Classroom Workbooks

Align Media courseware on Microsoft Office products was the first third–party publisher courseware in the world to be approved by Microsoft under the MOUS certification program.
“Over the years, we have observed that students using Align Media workbooks are twice as likely to successfully pass the Microsoft Office User Specialist certification exams.”

Jim Sheehan
Trillium College