Align Media's eBooks are an ideal alternative to standard print books for users who need to learn how to use Windows, the Internet or Office applications. Fully navigational, indexed and searchable via bookmarks, thumbnails and document links, eBooks cover all the topics users need to master applications at the introductory, intermediate and advanced levels. Like our other products, Align Media eBooks can be customized by branding them with your corporate logo.
Align Media eBooks are designed so that they fit equally well on North American 8.5” x 11” or on international A4 paper size if printed.

For those who wish to pursue certification, our eBooks help people prepare for the exams required by the following certification programs:
eBook title
Personal computers
Introduction to PCs
Windows XP
Introductory Windows XP
Advanced Windows XP
Becoming Expert in Windows XP (includes Intro+Adv)
Windows 2000 Professional
Introductory Windows 2000 Professional
Advanced Windows 2000 Professional
Becoming Expert in Windows 2000 Professional (includes Intro+Adv)
Windows NT 4.0 Workstation
Introductory Windows NT Workstation 4.0
Advanced Windows NT Workstation 4.0
Becoming Expert in Windows NT Workstation 4.0 (includes Intro+Adv)
Windows 98
Introductory Windows 98
Advanced Windows 98
Becoming Expert in Windows 98 (includes Intro+Adv)
Exploring the Internet
Outlook XP
Becoming Expert in Outlook XP
Outlook 2000
Becoming Expert in Outlook 2000
Outlook 98
Becoming Expert in Outlook 98
Word XP
Introductory Word XP
Intermediate Word XP
Advanced Word XP
Becoming Proficient in Word XP (includes Intro+Inter)
Becoming Expert in Word XP (includes Intro+Inter+Adv)
Word 2000
Introductory Word 2000
Intermediate Word 2000
Advanced Word 2000
Becoming Specialist in Word 2000 (includes Intro+Inter)
Becoming Expert in Word 2000 (includes Intro+Inter+Adv)
Excel XP
Introductory Excel XP
Intermediate Excel XP
Advanced Excel XP
Becoming Proficient in Excel XP (includes Intro+Inter)
Becoming Expert in Excel XP (includes Intro+Inter+Adv)
Excel 2000
Introductory Excel 2000
Intermediate Excel 2000
Advanced Excel 2000
Becoming Specialist in Excel 2000 (includes Intro+Inter)
Becoming Expert in Excel 2000 (includes Intro+Inter+Adv)
PowerPoint XP
Introductory PowerPoint XP
Advanced PowerPoint XP
Becoming Expert in PowerPoint XP (includes Intro+Adv)
PowerPoint 2000
Introductory PowerPoint 2000
Advanced PowerPoint 2000
Becoming Expert in PowerPoint 2000 (includes Intro+Adv)
Access XP
Introductory Access XP
Intermediate Access XP
Advanced Access XP
Becoming Proficient in Access XP (includes Intro+Inter)
Becoming Expert in Access XP (includes Intro+Inter+Adv)
Access 2000
Introductory Access 2000
Intermediate Access 2000
Advanced Access 2000
Becoming Specialist in Access 2000 (includes Intro+Inter)
Becoming Expert in Access 2000 (includes Intro+Inter+Adv)
Project 2000
Introductory Project 2000
Intermediate Project 2000
Advanced Project 2000
Becoming Specialist in Project 2000 (includes Intro+Inter)
Becoming Expert in Project 2000 (includes Intro+Inter+Adv)
FrontPage 2000
Introductory FrontPage 2000
Intermediate FrontPage 2000
Advanced FrontPage 2000
Becoming Specialist in FrontPage 2000 (includes Intro+Inter)
Becoming Expert in FrontPage 2000 (includes Intro+Inter+Adv)
Lotus 1-2-3 9 Millennium
Introductory Lotus 1-2-3 9 Millennium
Intermediate Lotus 1-2-3 9 Millennium
Advanced Lotus 1-2-3 9 Millennium
Becoming Proficient in Lotus 1-2-3 Millennium (includes Intro+Inter)
Becoming Expert in Lotus 1-2-3 Millennium (includes Intro+Inter+Adv)
WordPerfect 9
Introductory WordPerfect 9
Intermediate WordPerfect 9
Advanced WordPerfect 9
Becoming Proficient in WordPerfect 9 (includes Intro+Inter)
Becoming Expert in WordPerfect 9 (includes Intro+Inter+Adv)
Corel Presentations 9
Introductory Corel Presentations 9
Quattro Pro 9
Introductory Quattro Pro 9
Intermediate Quattro Pro 9
Advanced Quattro Pro 9
Becoming Proficient in Quattro Pro 9 (Includes Intro+Inter)
Becoming Expert in Quattro Pro 9 (includes Intro+Inter+Adv)
Align Media eBooks provide step–by–step learning content at a fraction of the cost of standard print books. The price of an eBook library depends on the number of eBook titles to be licensed (e.g., Introductory Windows, Exploring the Internet, Advanced Word, Introductory Outlook, etc.) and the number of end–users accessing the library.
Please feel free to contact us to price your eBook solution.
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Align Media courseware on Microsoft Office products was the first third–party publisher courseware in the world to be approved by Microsoft under the MOUS certification program.