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Align Media's eLearning Nuggets™ provide an ideal solution for users in large organizations who need just–in–time e–learning in enterprise proprietary applications and systems, or off–the shelf productivity suites. eLearning Nuggets™ are a unique Web–based collection of learning micro–units for users to learn very specific application tasks with the help of “show–me” animations, voice over and “how to” steps. Focusing on just what you need just when you need it, eLearning Nuggets™ make good on the promise of just–in–time e–learning. This is e–learning at its best™. INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN
The instructional design of our eLearning Nuggets™ is backed by years of university research and of real world experience in the use of technology to empower people to learn.
An eLearning Nuggets™ solution typically consists of one or more modules covering the different technologies, applications or systems users need to learn how to use.
Each module consists of a collection of individual eLearning Nuggets™ grouped by topic area. Each individual eLearning Nugget™ is a 1–2 minute micro-tutorial that focuses on teaching how to carry out one and only one particular task (e.g., how to update an employee's availability, if covering a scheduling application). This allows users to learn quickly and precisely what they need to know. From start to finish, an eLearning Nugget™ takes between one and two minutes to complete. At the end of each eLearning Nugget™, the learner is encouraged to try the procedure on his or her own, or, if needed, to run the eLearning Nugget™ again.
The technical requirements for eLearning Nuggets™ are minimal, making it easy for organizations to deploy an ideal e–learning solution on existing equipment and with minimal investment. eLearning Nuggets™ can be installed on your organization’s intranet, LAN or WAN, or locally on individual PCs.
Server requirements Client requirements
eLearning Nuggets™ are very competitively priced. For custom eLearning Nuggets built to train users how to use proprietary applications, pricing is based on time and materials to build the solution. The pricing of an existing off–the–shelf eLearning Nuggets™ solution is determined essentially by two factors-the number of eLearning Nugget™ modules to be licensed (e.g., Windows, Internet, Word, Outlook, etc.) and the number of end-users accessing the solution.
Depending on your needs, other factors that may affect pricing include content customization, language version and market localization.
Please feel free to contact us to price your eLearning Nuggets™ solution:
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“According to New York–based Corporate University Xchange Inc, the drop–out rate among online learners is a staggering 70%. The main reason for this is that most online courses are too long and thus become boring for learners. Align Media's eLearning Nuggets™ provide a simple and straightforward solution to this problem.”

Arthur Portoraro, BA, MA
Align Media Inc.